Dental Implants: Keeping More Than Your Smile in Check | Dental Implants in Queens NY

Queens Center for Implant and Sedation Dentistry, offering premier dental implants in Queens NY, recognizes the significance of dental implants beyond mere aesthetics. These implants play a vital role in slowing down, and sometimes even preventing, the bone deterioration often associated with tooth loss.

Understanding the link between teeth and underlying bone structure is crucial. The jawbone, like other bones in the body, goes through a natural life cycle. Aging bones are gradually absorbed by the body, with new bone tissue replacing the old. In the jaw, this bone growth is stimulated by the pressure exerted during biting and chewing. When a tooth is lost, this crucial stimulation disappears, leading to a loss of bone density over time and various related health issues.

The consequences of tooth loss extend beyond appearance, encompassing issues like gum recession, difficulty chewing, speech problems, and even changes in facial structure. Dental implants aren’t just cosmetic solutions; they actively contribute to bone preservation.

The science behind this lies in the choice of material. Dental implants are typically made of titanium, a metal known for its biocompatibility. Titanium naturally fuses with bone tissue. Once an implant is placed, bone cells attach and grow around the titanium post, stabilizing bone loss by providing the necessary stimulation for the jawbone to maintain its strength and integrity.

Delaying replacement of a missing tooth can worsen bone deterioration. In severe cases, extensive bone loss may limit the feasibility of implant placement. Thus, timely action is crucial. Patients who qualify for dental implants should schedule a consultation promptly after tooth loss.

Candidates for dental implants should have sufficient bone support, healthy gums, good overall health, and diligent oral hygiene habits. Meeting these conditions allows for a natural-looking, permanent solution that promotes the health and longevity of the smile.

If you’re curious about how dental implants prevent bone loss or want to determine your eligibility for the procedure, contact our office. Our team is ready to provide information and schedule a consultation to ensure your smile gets the attention it deserves, both aesthetically and functionally. Don’t wait; take the first step toward a healthier, more vibrant smile today.

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