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Is it Better to Have Dental Implants or a Bridge? | 11357 Dental Implants

Implants and bridges both replace teeth and create beautiful smiles, but which is right for you?

If you require tooth replacement, you may be able to find something that meets your specific requirements.The field of dentistry has advanced greatly over the years, and one of those advancements is the use of dental implants. There was a time when the only cosmetic option for replacing a missing tooth was a bridge, which attached an artificial tooth to neighboring natural teeth. Today, this option is no longer the only one available. A dental implant replaces not only a missing tooth but also helps preserve the underlying bone structure. To help you better understand the difference between a dental implant and a bridge, we have compiled a list of their advantages and disadvantages.

There is a greater likelihood that your dental insurance will cover the cost of a dental bridge, and no surgical procedure is required. The majority of bridge procedures can be completed in two appointments, and you will incur fewer out-of-pocket costs than you would if you were to undergo an implant procedure. One of the disadvantages of dental bridges is that they typically need to be replaced every five to seven years. In addition, they may also cause damage to adjacent healthy teeth. With a bridge, there is a greater risk of losing the natural appearance of the bridge over time, as well as decay developing in adjacent teeth, compared to those with implants.

Dental implants are the longest-lasting option available and can last up to 15 years. It is estimated that most implants have a success rate of 97 percent and a life expectancy of at least ten years. Implants are the most natural-looking and do not negatively affect the surrounding teeth. Dental implants, however, are less likely to be covered by your insurance, and the procedure takes about six months to complete. In general, there are higher upfront costs and a higher risk of surgical complications.

When comparing dental implants and bridges, it is important to ask yourself which will provide you with the highest return on investment. The longevity of dental implants makes it worthwhile to spend a bit more on something that will last for a very long time. In addition to looking and feeling like your own teeth, implants are designed to fuse with bone so that they become permanently attached to the jaw. Implants give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile that will last much longer than other options.

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