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Teeth Are Always in Style… Are Dental Implants? | Sedation Dentist in Queens NY

When you need a missing tooth replaced, dental implants are well worth the expense and time. A dental implant provides a strong foundation for permanent or removable teeth, and they can be designed to look like your natural teeth. When you have missing teeth and don’t want to get dentures, bridges, or crowns, dental implants could be the answer.

Why are dental implants necessary?

If a person loses a tooth, dental implants are a common solution. One of the top causes of missing teeth is poor oral hygiene, plaque buildup, tartar buildup, decay, or disease. Implants are used as a foundation and structure for the replacement teeth. Unlike other types of replacements, implants replace both the tooth and its root. If you do not replace a missing tooth, a domino effect can occur, leading from one shift to another. This domino effect can have an overall negative effect on how well your teeth fit together as well as the overall appearance of your mouth. 

The advantages of dental implants:

  • Prevents bone loss. When you lose teeth, you also tend to lose bone mass in your jaw. For your jawbone to stay healthy, it needs stimulation from your teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants also replace jawbone stimulation, thereby preventing bone loss.
  • Designed to look like your natural teeth, dental implants can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Your implants dentist in 11357 can help you choose implants that blend in perfectly with your existing teeth and perfectly fill the gap.
  • Maintains facial features. Dental implants support facial features by helping to maintain the strength of your jaw.
  • Dental implants are long-lasting. With proper care, dental implants, like natural teeth, can last a lifetime.
  • Implants won’t restrict your diet. Once dental implants are stable, most people can eat and drink as normal, including hard and crunchy foods.
  • Maintaining dental implants is easy. Implants require the same level of care as natural teeth, including brushing and flossing twice a day, regular dental check-ups, and routine hygiene visits.
  • Implants offer predictable results. Implants are dependent on their position in your mouth, as well as the amount of jaw bone you have to support them. Smoking, for example, can also affect whether a dental implant eventually succeeds or fails. The success rate of dental implants is approximately 98%, which means they give predictable results and are suitable for most people.

Implants provide you with a beautiful smile and a new sense of self-worth. To learn more about dental implants, please contact our implants and sedation dental office in Whitestone, NY today.

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