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There was a time when missing teeth couldn’t be helped and gaps in your smile would be permanent. However, with dental implants, you can restore your full smile and safeguard your oral health. While there are dozens of reasons to choose dental implants, let’s look at some of the most common. Your oral health is worth it.

Self-confidence – A natural and comfortable solution to replace missing teeth, dental implants can help you feel confident in your smile again. That confidence is key to living your life to the fullest and enjoying your new smile.

Better Oral Hygiene – Arguably the most important reason to consider this restorative option, implants safeguard oral health because they are easy to clean. Regular brushing, flossing, exams, and professional care as prescribed by our team will help preserve your oral health. Implants often are able to last for many years.

Reduced risk of tooth and gum disease – When there is an empty space between your teeth, the surrounding teeth and gums are more susceptible to increased bacteria build up, which could lead to gum disease. A dental implant would circumvent the negative consequences of an empty socket and protect your remaining gums and teeth from further damage.

Comfort and Functionality – Since implants are embedded into the jaw bone, they act and feel much like your natural teeth would. A long lasting and effective solution, dental implants will not shift or move like a denture possibly could. There will not be pain caused by friction or irritation, and chewing, speaking, and laughing will feel more natural because the solution is permanent.

Preserve Bone Density – If your jawbone is left with an empty socket, the bone that surrounded the tooth will weaken in time. Your jaw bone will lose density and bone loss may occur, leading to a change in your facial structure. An implant by our implant and sedation dentist in 11357 provides support for your jaw bone and helps keep healthy teeth intact.

We love to help our patients restore their smiles and reclaim their lives. If you’d like to further discuss the benefits of dental implants, or learn whether dental implants could be the tooth replacement solution you’ve been looking for, contact our implant and sedation dental office in Whitestone, NY and set up a consultation appointment today.

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