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"From our first meeting, I knew Dr. Kaggen was different from other dentists. I saw gentleness, patience, and regard for me as a person. He recognized my fear and, with sedation, completed the work I needed in just one visit!"
-Madeleine B

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kaggen for many years and have had extensive dental work there, including root canals, crowns and implants with bone grafts. I have a great deal of confidence in him and in his wonderful staff. Dr. Kaggen and his staff are very concerned with your satisfaction and comfort. When you have a dental emergency, which I have had on more than one occasion, he always fits you in. Since I have moved out to Nassau County I still travel into Whitestone because I don't want to have anyone else take care of my dental health."
-Rosemary G

"I would highly recommend Dr. Kaggen and his staff to anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable....yes, enjoyable dental experience. Dr. Kaggen and his staff are truly the unicorns of dentistry. I have been terrified of all things dental since I was traumatized by my childhood dentist. Despite diligent personal dental habits, lack of regular dentist visits takes its toll. I realized that I could not ignore the issues and avoid the dentist forever unless I was ready to commit to ending up toothless at an early age. I came across Dr. Kaggen’s office when searching for dentists specializing in phobic patients. From the moment I called the office I was immediately put at ease. Dr. K and his staff are kind, patient, warm, and nurturing. One of my early visits entailed the removal of two teeth, a root tip and the placement of two implants. I was so frightened, but Dr. K and his staff made it a comfortable and easy experience. The discomfort after was so minimal, I don’t even remember it. I almost didn’t believe that I had five hours of dental work. Dr. K and his staff have helped me to successfully overcome my phobia and work towards optimal dental health. Less than a year ago, I could not imagine walking willingly into any dentist’s office. My teeth have now been restored to their optimal state, my fears have been completely obliterated, and I look forward to my next visit! I would highly, highly, highly recommend Kaggen dental to anyone (especially those who fear the dentist) for any dental needs large or small! I am extremely grateful for Dr, Kaggen and his staff as they accomplished what I never dreamed possible!!!"
-Michelle A

"Very clean and friendly office. Dr. Kaggen was very nice, and thoroughly explained the procedures that would be performed. Since my husband suffers from anxiety he needed to be sedated, for two fillings and four quadrant deep scale cleaning. The staff was very helpful and made sure my husband was comfortable and calm. They also made sure I understood what needed to be done after dental procedure. Dr. Kaggen also call me later in the evening to check on my husband's condition. Which was very nice.. Thank you everyone!"
-Lucia G

"Dr. Kaggen is an excellent dentist. Whether filling a cavity or doing an implant, he is extremely thorough, and takes the time to carefully examine teeth, determine and explain a dental problem and the procedure required to fix it. He is very personable, empathetic to a patient's needs, and very professional. His fees are reasonable. His staff at the front desk at friendly, and helpful with scheduling and insurance. Maryanne, his hygienist, is particularly detailed in her work, providing a quality cleaning and examination. I highly recommend Dr. Kaggen."
-Steven P

"Dr. Kaggen and the staff and very nice and make you feel comfortable. He even called after the procedure to find out how I was feeling and to see if I needed anything. I would highly recommend this dental office especially for those who may feel nervous or anxious when visiting a dentist."
-Stephanie S.

“Before coming to Dr. Kaggen’s office, I avoided the dentist because of intense fear. I wouldn’t smile, I couldn’t eat, and my gums would bleed. The level of care here has been extraordinary. The staff is always willing to go that extra step to make you comfortable. Going “above and beyond” seems to be the norm here. Dr. Kaggen himself has not only provided kindness, understanding, and an above-average level of care – but he has also consulted with other professionals to assure the best care possible. Finding Dr. Kaggen has been more than a stroke of luck; it has been a God-send!”
-Noreen O.

"I located this office after searching online for a gentle dentist that used sedation due to extreme anxiety. The staff was extremely warm and inviting. I arrived on time and had my temperature checked prior to being allowed back. I went right to a room and was greeted within a few mins by Diana who was calm and explained everything that was going to happen and asked me multiple times if i was okay. Christina at the front desk answered all my concerns and Dr Kaggen was very patient with me, let me ask a million questions and quelled my anxiety. I was able to schedule some emergency work for just three days after. I will be back to this office for all of my dental needs!!"
-Maria P

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