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Do you have missing teeth?

Would you like a permanent solution to replace your missing teeth?

You may be surprised to learn that there are 3 types of dental implants. Your Queens Dental Implants specialist can select the right implant for you based on your oral and aesthetic needs. Below, we will explain the 3 options available to you.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post (screw) surgically inserted into your jawbone beneath your gum line. As the post fuses with your jawbone, it will provide a stable foundation for your dental restoration. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. In fact, 98% of dental implants are successful. For this reason and their many benefits, dental implants are widely recognized as the best way to replace missing teeth permanently.

Single tooth replacement.

Dental implants are usually used to replace a single missing tooth. Unlike other restorations, a single-tooth dental implant replaces your entire missing tooth from root to crown. Individuals with one or more missing teeth that are not adjacent to one another are best served by a single-tooth dental implant.

An implant-supported bridge for replacing several teeth.

You may find that an implant-supported bridge is your best option if you have multiple missing teeth adjacent to each other. The bridge typically consists of two crowns placed on either side of the missing tooth gap and an artificial tooth in the middle. Rather than having crowns attached to teeth, implant-supported bridges have crowns that connect to dental implants. This process is similar to implanting a single tooth. In the middle of the gap, however, no dental implants will be placed. 

The advantage of an implant-supported bridge is that you can replace multiple missing teeth in a row without having to replace each tooth individually. However, not every tooth may receive an implant, so you will lose some bone mass.

Replacing all of your teeth with an implant-retained denture.

An implant-retained denture may be your best option if you are missing a majority or all of your teeth in either arch of your mouth. Dentures are artificially created arches of teeth. It rests on your gum line, so you appear to have a full set of teeth. The problem with traditional dentures is that they are removable, which means that they can slip, slide, click, fall out, and make daily tasks such as eating and talking uncomfortable. You can fix this problem by securing your dentures with dental implants.

If you wear dentures, you may find this to be the solution to all your denture problems. If you have many missing teeth, this may also be an excellent option to restore your smile and confidence. 

Regardless of the type of implant, the key is to determine if you are a good candidate for it. Having sufficient bone mass, your overall health, and your age determine whether you can get dental implants.

Please contact our Queens, NY Dental Implants office to schedule a consultation if you have questions about the three types of dental implants or wish to find out if you are a good candidate for implants.

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